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At Kinetic Equine, our main belief is that the horse is always right!

We value our equine partner's opinion and work with each one individually to get to the root cause of every struggle so that our partners can grow to their absolute maximum potential without injury or stress.

By evaluating each horse's unique anatomical structure--physical strengths and weaknesses--and by taking notice of their feelings and reactions presented with each "question" we ask of them, we are able to gain/ maintain trust and dependable rideability as well as absolutely easy self-carriage that only a truly happy horse could present.

We offer on-site and off-site Saddle Fitting by Certified Professionals--covering Southeast USA, on-site riding lessons and training sessions, on- site farrier services, and wholistic evaluations for any horses with ongoing behavior or lameness issues. All disciplines welcomed! We use knowledge of science, anatomy, and teachings from old masters to fuel every decision we make with your horse, so that they may learn to carry themselves correctly and move forward easily into any desired discipline.

Lessons and Competition coaching available in Dressage, Jumpers, and Eventing.

To be successful and happy under-saddle, a horse only needs a few things. The first- a heathy body, free of current pain and sickness. The second is well- fitting tack. The third is a well-balanced rider, sympathetic and educated to their needs. With these things in place, you cannot fail! Thankfully, Kinetic Equine can help you and your horse achieve all of this and more!


Contact today to chat about your individual story and see if we can help!

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