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When it comes to horse training, our goal is to create balanced, relaxed, positively energized, confident equines that can successfully go on to any discipline of their owners choosing. We believe that gadgets such as side reins, martingales, neck stretchers, draw reins, and tying the horse's head to any fixed position is cruel and a short cut. Using the Classic German Training Scale we structure each horse's training regimen specifically to the individual based on their conformation, mentality, temperament, and physical strengths/ weaknesses. We've found that our horses develop more thoroughly and not much more slowly than any other approach we've seen. We take pride in creating safe, trusting, sound partners and refuse to push any of them beyond their limits for the sake of a timeline. Our horses get a combination of ground work, arena riding, and trail riding that has proven to be beneficial to all that have come through our program, regardless of history, breed, or discipline. We offer full training, partial training, and riding lessons on site at Happy Day Horse Farm in Gold Hill, NC 28071. We would love for you to join us!


**Full training (only available to horses over 5 yrs old)- $1210/month+ board

includes:- 5 sessions/week OR 22 sessions/month @ $55/session

                - 1 lesson per week on your horse or a school horse (to replace one weekly training session)


**Partial training (only available to horses 3+yrs old)-  $715/month+board

includes: -3 sessions/week OR 13 sessions/month @ $55/session

               - 1 lesson per week on your horse or a school horse (to replace one weekly training session)

**Ground Work (any age)- $30/ session+board

includes: - Can be many days per week the horse needs or owner wants

                - 1 ground lesson per week with your horse or a school horse (to replace one weekly training session)

       Groundwork can be billed per session.

All owners are welcomed on the property at any time as long as someone is on site, for safety reasons.

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Kim is available for clinics on Classical Training,  Classical Riding, behavioral analysis, saddle fitting, or tack fitting. She welcomes anyone looking to make a better connection with their horse and is happy to teach any age of 4h member or Pony Clubber as well as unaffiliated equestrians of any age/ or experience level. 
"Boot Camps" are held upon request. This is a great option for teams gearing up for show season or any groups who would like a few consecutive days of guidance.

Please inquire if you wish to host!

Otherwise, check our calendar to see scheduled clinics or camps.



Board: - $450/month

    Managed by: Tamara Eichorn and Kim Miner

    includes: -12x12 stall bedded in clean sawdust

                     -stall cleaning 1x/day

                     -free choice hay (fescue and coastal)

                     -clean water at all times

                     - daily monitored turnout in small, friendly groups

           *Individual turnout available for $100/ month additional*

We know how scary it can be to trust another person with your most valued possession. At Happy Day Horse Farm, all horses are treated as our own. We take pride in returning happy, stress-free, horses in good health and are positive your horse will enjoy his/ her stay with us!



Riding Instruction is available for complete beginners through professionals from CHA Level 4 certified English Riding Instructor and biomechanics trainer, Kim Eichorn. Beginner Western lessons are also available. We can cover Basics of handling through basics of riding, intro- 4th level Dressage movements as well as identifying troubles in self-carriage to the top levels,  Eventing, Jumpers, beginning Games, identifying restrictions in movement (non-discipline specific) or confidence building while on the trail.

Lessons at HDHF: $65 (use of lesson horse- $10)

Lessons offsite: $65 + $1/mile 1way travel from 28071 (travel costs can be split between clients at same location/ area)

All Students Are Required to Wear a Correctly Fitting Helmet While Mounted. NO EXCEPTIONS

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