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Owner/ Saddle Fitter/ Instructor

Kim started riding horses at the young age of 2 years old. Daughter to a successful Dressage and Jumper rider from Germany (who came to America to train horses and become a farrier), Kim always knew she would be happiest helping riders and their horses develop and maintain lasting partnerships. She spent her early childhood riding many disciplines and enjoyed learning as much as possible about all the "different worlds" of the equine community. She showed Western Pleasure, Games, Hunter/jumper, and even worked as an assistant trainer in a Reining barn for a short time in high school. As a young teenager, Kim joined the United States Pony Club and became serious about competing in Dressage and Eventing. Kim started training young horses and giving lessons under her mother at the young age of just 13. As a young adult, she became a working student and FEI groom under a prestigious Canadian Eventer and competed her own self-made horses through Training Level before taking over and expanding her mother's training business. About a decade ago, Kim discovered her adoration for German Classical Dressage and the principles of training from the German Calvary system -- classical methods of training that produce calm, relaxed, correct horses while using pure science of the anatomy and no "gadgets" to cause a position or result. Kim is passionate about saddle fitting and enjoys helping riders and trainers from all backgrounds find the tack that truly works best for their horse and themselves. Kim believes that with the right tack and approach -using knowledge of bio-mechanics- all equine problems can easily be solved. She looks forward to working with you and your beloved partner.
Kim is a Certified Peter Horobin Saddlery Fitter for the Southeast of the USA, a Certified Independent Saddle Fitter through Mike Scott/ SaddleGuy; a Certified Level 4 English Riding Instructor (first ride-to- professionals) and a Certified Level 1 Western Riding Instructor (beginners) through Certified Horsemanship Association. She holds a certification in Equine Bio-mechanics with Equitopia and is currently working on obtaining her Equine Massage Certification- set to Graduate in the Fall of 2023!


Farrier/ Owner of Happy Day Horse Farm

Tamara was born and raised in Germany, where she began riding at the age of 7. She rode and trained, mainly warmbloods, under many top trainers, as a young rider, and also competed to a high level in Jumpers and Dressage with her personal horse, 'Happy Day'. While still in Germany, she was able to train and learn the craft of trimming and shoeing hooves from a respected farrier in her hometown- a craft she has continued with throughout her life.

Tamara moved to the US when in her early 20s and promptly began her own business starting horses for all disciplines and gaining an outstanding reputation as a Farrier. With over 25 years of experience and hundreds of hours of continued education as a farrier, and over 35 years of experience as a trainer, there are few problems she is not familiar with. She is a valuable resource and we are lucky to use her facility, Happy Day Horse Farm, as a homebase.

Tamara spends her leisure time trail riding or working on Dressage with her personal horses or working with her German Shephards, Kira and Z.

Ariana began riding horses at the age of 8 years old. During the first few years of her riding journey, she rode anything and everything at local Eventing, Dressage, and Hunter/Jumper barns- obtaining a good foundation with various trainers, and learning from everyone she could.

At the age of 13 she met Kim Miner, who was the team coach for the Interscholastic Equestrian Association, where Ariana showed Hunter/Jumpers and Equitation. After showing Hunter/Jumpers and Equitation for three years, she realized she wanted to go after her dream of Dressage and Eventing. Ariana began seriously dedicating herself and learning the history and methods of German Classical Dressage and the German Calvary System, while also competing in Eventing, still coached, more directly, by Kim Miner. Ariana quickly became fascinated with learning how to ride, train, and rehab horses based on these principles of using the anatomy of the individual horse to correct and improve ailments and lamenesses. With the help of Kim, Ariana was given her first personal horse, Libby who continues to prove to her that correctly fitting tack and correct riding can completely transform a horse. Libby inspired Ariana’s interest in saddle fitting and equine massage.

Ariana’s goal is to allow your equine partner to be as free and comfortable as possible, utilizing equine biomechanics, emotion, and anatomy to guide and produce the best results. Ariana is certified in English Saddle Fit and Flocking through Mike Scott/Saddle Guy School. She is currently working on her needed certifications in Equine Biomechanics, Massage, and Bodywork.

Saddle Fitter


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