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*North Carolina and South Carolina areas served/scheduled daily and as needed*

January 17

February 6-7 (VA Beach only)

March 27-31

July 10-14

October 16-18

Florida/ Georgia

February 20-24

June 4-8

August 21

November 6-10

Scheduling Policies: 
-Please contact us with requested services and final headcounts for you or your barn no later than 3 weeks (14days) prior to the first date of the trip).
Please include any time preferences or constraints at this time. We do our best to schedule everyone at their preferred time but the schedule largely depends on the route taken. Obtaining your preferred time slot is not guaranteed. 

-Exact times and dates will be assigned within the 2 weeks prior to the trip with a final schedule assigned no later than 5 days before the first date of the trip.

January 22-26

March 4-8

June 3-7

September 23-27


 February 5-9


April 8-12

July 8-12

October 7-11


February 5-9

May 13-17

August 5-9

November 4-8

December 9-13 

Travel Charges:

$.50/mile charge, round trip, from zip code 28071, will be implemented on all appointments outside of zip code 28071.

Travel charges may include mileage/gas, time, and hotel fees when needed. Trips lasting over 3 hours, one way, will charge an additional fee of $10/hour (after the first 3 hours) 

Travel charges are split equally between all clients in an area. Please contact in advance for an estimated travel charge on your appointment day. (Travel charges can vary depending on date)

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