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When riding your horse, it's important that you can communicate effectively, remain secure and comfortable, and that your horse stay relaxed and focused. Proper saddle fit is the first step in obtaining all of this. If the saddle you ride in does not fit properly, your horse will simply be unable to perform to its peak ability and remain happy and eager for more. Improper saddle fit is a common cause for frustrations under saddle and can even be cause for mystery lameness and erratic behavior . In addition to everything that it can do to your horse, YOU could also be effected, as your saddle may be working against you! Let us make sure you and your horse have absolutely nothing standing in the way of correct and harmonious communication.




First-time Evaluations for saddle fit can last from 1-3 hours with each follow-up generally lasting about 30- 45 minutes per horse/saddle combination. Add approximately 30 additional minutes for a second saddle on same horse.

 Evaluations Include: 

           -Horse Symmetry and visual movement evaluation (evaluation of equine anatomy)

           -Palpation of back muscles (evaluation of soreness)

           -Tracings and measurements of the horse's back using various tools

           - Chalk outline of your horse's anatomy

           -Checking integrity of one saddle OR showing options from inventory

           - Checking fit of one saddle per horse

           - Taking rider measurements (if needed)      

           - Evaluation of saddle fit for rider anatomy

           - Evaluation of dynamic saddle fit (horse and rider in motion)

PLEASE BE PREPARED TO RIDE  A helmet must be worn when mounted   

            -Professional recommendations for what needs to be done with each saddle (if anything) to maintain or fix saddle integrity or the fit for the horse. Recommendations of other saddles to try, if needed. 


Full Evaluation (includes write-up, tracings/ measurements, chalk outline): $140

Sight Evaluation (includes NO write-up (owner takes own notes) and no tracings included, includes chalk outline): $80

-Additional saddles on same horse- $75/ saddle (for horses with 2 saddles or more saddles. western AND english; or jump AND dressage, etc) 

Flocking adjustment (for wool- flocked saddles)- $75-$110
Shimming/ padding adjustments- $25/ saddle+horse (only if it will truly improve fit)
Changing Gullet plates in quick change saddles (if the saddle will truly fit once completed)- $25

Kinetic Equine assumes no responsibility if client would like to change shims and/ or gullet plates themselves and does so incorrectly. We are here to help guide if needed.

Tree Adjustment to Peter Horobin Saddles- $125

*We no longer offer service bundles on Peter Horobin saddles*



Billet Replacement- $25/ billet

        - add $75 to total if saddle needs to be taken apart to access billets.

        - Extra fees apply if adding webbing or re-configuring billets

        - If your saddle requires a non-standard billet or a design that must be ordered, additional fees may apply 


Deep clean of saddle (internal and external)- $150


Complete Reflock of wool panels- $350+shipping/travel for delivery


Air (CAIR) to wool conversions- $400+shipping/ travel for delivery


Adding/ replacing D-rings- $100 for first; $25 each- after first one

Removing D-rings- $90

Stitching repairs dependent on size of repair- please inquire                            

Quick Services

Checking Saddle integrity (not in an appointment)- $25 (add $75 if saddle needs to be taken apart to verify integrity)


Taking tracings (for another company or remote fitter)- $45 (shoulder, tree point, base of wither, T-18, top-line)

Taking measurements with Saddle-Tech device- $30

Taking measurement with Sprenger Gauge or Wintec/ Bates device- $15

Measurement for a bit or girth- $15


$.50/mile charge, round trip, from zip code 28071, will be implemented on all appointments outside of zip code 28071.

Travel charges may include mileage/gas, time, and hotel fees when needed. Trips lasting over 3 hours, one way, will charge an additional fee of $10/hour (after the first 3 hours) 

Travel charges are split equally between all clients in an area. Please contact in advance for an estimated travel charge on your appointment day. (Travel charges can vary depending on date)

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